24/4/17 – Daily Blog – Why me?

Why does the world seem against you when you are pressed for time?

Cue 4:45AM, Monday morning. should be plenty of time to catch the 6:04 train. For reasons I won’t go into I needed to withdraw some cash and drop it home. Again, plenty of time as its only a 30 minute drive to the main station.

5:20AM, Mild panic sets in as the 4th ATM of the morning tells me it is unable to dispense notes…this is madness, are they on some kind of network, out to get me? Surely this can’t just be coincidence?

5:30AM, Finally a working ATM. Thank you Tesco! Was I really thinking that there was something nefarious going on within the network of Birmingham’s ATM system?
I guess the rational side of me would think, IF I had managed to get out of bed earlier, I might have had a bit more time, but those extra snoozes sure did feel good.

5:58AM, Made it, run to Starbucks to get a coffee. Bear in mind this coffee shop is always dead at this time of the morning…Get to the entrance…and a queue of about 10 people has sprouted…of course it has…

6:04AM, On the train, laptop out, earphones in (Tennmak Pro’s as you asked).

6:45AM, “Slow moving trains ahead mean we have to wait here”. They said SLOW MOVING NOT STATIONARY TRAINS, why are we sitting here, of course, the one area on the whole journey with no phone signal so my stream of music pumping in my ears comes to a halt. It’s strange the kind of eery quiet on a commuter train, as everyone either listens to music or quietly taps away on a laptop.

7:30AM; At my final station. Now for the last stage in my journey…the bus…

Every morning I think to myself, why? Why do I continue to pursue a career so far away from where I live? Why put myself through 5 hours of travel? These are questions I still do not know the answer to.

4:00PM: An on time train, that’s one result of the day! Coffee in hand packed like a sardine for the 1hr 15 minute leg of the commute home.

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