MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 In ear monitors

Being a music lover, long journeys are that much more enjoyable with something to listen to.

Saying that, I have been in the market to upgrade my listening experience, and after much research, settled for the £150.00 Pinnacle P1’s from MEE Audio. My thoughts are below…

Packaging. No pictures of this unfortunately, however these come in a nice middle opening box, and offers a premium unboxing feel.

Accessories.  One word. Amazing. For £150.00 (same day Amazon Prime may I add) these offer two awesome cables, one with a mic, one without. None of that memory wire nonsense and a cable cinch. Lots of tips choices too with SML silicone, SM biflanges and one set of triple flanges. Also included are SML T200 comply tips.

Build quality. Quality metal housings give the iems a very tough feel. The cables are also suitably braided and look very sturdy. They are detachable with mmcx connectors which can be an issue, but the connections have been solid thus far with no problems.

Fit and isolation.  Astounding comfort here. They are UIEM style and fit with cable over ear. (Apparently they can be worn down too). Isolation with my favoured triple flanges is very good, quietening the daily commute nicely.

Sound. Will break it down to the best of my non audiophile ability.

Bass – Fast and precise with ok extension. Sub bass is a bit lacking

Mids – Slightly recessed due to be slight v shaped signature

Treble – Good extension with decent sparkle. No sibilance to my ears


These are an absolute steal for the money  and I would have paid far more. The clarity and level of detail is astounding. Two slight negatives, firstly these are fairly low in sensitivity so benefit from external amplification. Secondly these are certainly no basshead iem and could be seen as slightly lacking in this area.

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