Strangers and seating arrangements

This post is going to be a bit of a rant, and a bit of musing.

Firstly, there seems to be a type of person in this world who can not do anything alone. The sort that can not park their car on its own, insisting on wedging it up close to any other car as to not feel alone. This also can be seen on public transport. Why, when there are plenty of free seats do people decide they want you to move your bag and sit next to you. Now I’ll move my bag straight away if the carriage starts to fill up, but when there are totally free double seats…take the hint…

Strangers on the commute…

I find it interesting how the we see the same people, sit in the same seats and perform the same motions day in day out. I mean I get that we can’t all be best buddies, I just find it amusing how there are people I spend a couple of hours with each day, and yet do not even know their name.


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