25/4/17 – Daily Blog – Snow?

Back to the grindstone as the saying goes, Seems fitting this Tuesday morning .

Snow? At the end of April? Apparently so. I mean I know it can get cold at night, but Snow? Well it sure looked like the white stuff covering my widescreen.

Anyway, so begins the next day, probably my least favourite day of the week. Tuesday. I’ll explain. When Monday hits you are generally well prepared, it’s a known evil, something looming as soon as you clock off on a Friday afternoon. However Tuesday? Bleurgh, feels like a Monday, almost as far from Friday as a Monday, and you never get to skip them with occasional bank holidays.

Before I started catching the train I assumed (probably naively) that they chug along the same route. So if I was for example, on a train from Birmingham to London, it would always run on the same tracks. However this definitely isn’t the case as there are days when I can go most of the trip with no phone signal, which is most inconvenient, to days when I have solid 4G all the way.

Phone signal, why is it so sporadic? Do the towers we were warned would fry our brains turn down their power at certain times of the day to conserve energy? I can sit in the same spot everyday of the week and range from full bars to barely enough signal to take a call. Maybe it’s my phone? Maybe I have my fat fingers in the wrong place to block the signal? Maybe my rubber case that’s about an atom thick is blocking the signal?

On the subject of phones, Why do Samsung, Apple and others strive to make phones so pretty. (Im looking at you s8 plus) You see the handset in all its glory twice. When you take it out of the box and when you sell it. Lets face it, manufacturers talk about new advancements in glass etc, exclaiming its gorilla glass 400 and will survive a direct hit from tactical warhead, but we all know, if we don’t have a screen protector and a case it’s going to be smashed to pieces by my daughter within a few days.

Anyway I’ve gone a bit off topic!

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