26/04/17 – Daily Blog – Hayfever and Keto 

Is it only Wednesday? Feels like it should be Friday already…Busy day today, multiple important meetings and pizza for lunch..! (Paid for)

Hayfever is the scourge of my existence this week. Struggling to sleep with a constant bunged up nose, and I’m walking around in a semi dream like state. No matter how many times I blow my nose I can not stop the sniffing, I’m sorry to those sitting near me!! Usually a concoction of Beconase nasal spray and one a day tablets taken twice a day can keep it relatively under control. However since the freak snow incident yesterday, it appears the little pollen buggers are out in force.

I’ve been thinking about starting back on the ketotsis diet. Whilst I am definitely not an advocate of fad diets, I really do believe in this one. Firstly I’ve had success before, losing just over a stone in 5 weeks. However this isn’t the main benefit for me. When in the carb starved keto state, I’m never hungry… Snacking just isn’t a thing to worry about. I mean alot of this has to with the fact it just isn’t easy to find snack material when you can not eat carbs, but genuinely hitting my daily calorie limit and sticking to it was not difficult at all. I think I’m going to get some stuff in from the supermarket and try it for May and probably keep a blog.

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