Keto – Low Carb No Carb

Keto diet.

I’ve set myself a goal starting the beginning of May to go back to Keto.

This basically is a diet that consists of eating very low carbohydrates, <30grams per day to be safe, medium protein intake and high fat. The theory behind this is (and i’m not a nutritionist so I urge you to do your own research) that when the body is starved of carbs, it uses fat as is primary source of fuel. This had added bonuses of keeping insulin levels low and in turn keeps hunger and snacking to a minumum.

I need to lose circa 4 stone of body weight to get back into a healthy range, and am aiming to do this by October. 4 stone in 6 months should be doable I hope.

Will update this post with recipes and my first meals.

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