Slow walkers 

This is one of those topics that is fairly widespread, I mean there are popular Facebook groups about the matter. However I definitely feel like I need to express my opinions on the matter, or just get it off my chest.

Firstly, whilst not technically a slow walker, are the people who without any prior warning, just stop in their tracks. This could be for a variety of reasons, one of the main culprits being taking a cell phone out and taking a look. Are these invidiuals incapable of walking and texting? I mean I’m a fairly challenged in the multitasking department and can still pull this maneuvoure off with ease. Another exhibit seems to be ‘walk out of the shop and stop right in front of the doors’. Seriously, if you must stop to check where you are going, or what you’ve just bought, please just move to the side? It must get irritating having people walk into the back of you all the time.

Ok so the slow walkers or the slow wanderers. Often noticed in train stations when in a rush.  Picture this, there you are, couple of minutes to get to the platform, plenty of time.  As you walk through the barriers there is someone bang in front of you walking slowly, you sidestep to make a passing move and they, as if they can sense you there, wander in the same direction, blocking your pass. Not a problem, you sidestep the other way and guess what, they wander in full blown zombie mode in front of you again blocking the pass. It’s like they are set on making you miss your train. Eventually you pass and look around.  READING A BOOK. 

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