One of the burdens of having “too much stuff” is finding a place to store it, I used to buy so many cheap, weak plastic boxes – all shapes and sizes – just to store all these things and made it difficult to find anything because it’ll all be dumped into a box and forgotten about.

Then 6 months ago, I got these plastic storage draws and decided that we could only keep what fitted in them. I thought I was being organised but I was actually starting my journey on to minimalism without realising it.

Before this I only ever had a “clear out” every so often. After buying these draws, did I really “purge” 90% of forgotten, useless stuff that wasn’t used to charity. I honestly thought people would think I was a bit weird for wanting to live this way, until I came across the documentary on minimalism.

I gave away 99% of the old plastic boxes we had, but kept 3 strong boxes though as they’ve been trusty for almost 10 years now.

So finally today, I went into the shop where I bought the plastic storage drawers; I was looking at plastic boxes to store Christmas, Easter and Halloween decorations – and was looking at the sizes and thinking well these two are perfect … then upon looking at the price I thought “Hang on, I have these sizes at home” and I remembered that I didn’t need to buy these…

I just need to remove the crap from the two boxes I have at home instead 😂 (which was my plan I just never have time to do them at the moment!)

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