My journey to minimalism so far

My journey to minimalism so far…

Six months ago I bought 20 – yes 20 – plastic storage drawers to sort out our lives, we had all had 4 each, but we’ve reduced that down to 2 each (except for me who has upgraded to a 11 drawer plastic storage unit and I have 3 out of 4 under bed plastic roller boxes!).

The idea was to reduce what we own by only allowing what could fit into the drawers. It has worked although we still own a lot of stuff.

The other 16 were for the kitchen equipment and food (3), towels (1), bathroom toiletries and medication (1), equipment for snow/winter and swimming (1), bedding (1), craft equipment because of 3D printing (2) & laser cutting equipment (1), postage & packaging equipment (1) and the children’s crafts (5). Originally the girls had two 4 plastic storage draws each to fill their toys with.

We used these drawers to move house, it was so much easier then lugging random small plastic boxes around and making a dozen trips to the van and back. R only uses one 4 drawer unit for her clothes, where as the girls have two each which stack on each other but she does use a lot of them to house the craft equipment she and the girls use and stock the craft equipment she sells.

I have upgraded the kitchen equipment into a 6 plastic drawer storage unit which also stores food as well (where as before it took up three 4 plastic storage draws) – and the toiletries, medication, towels, swimming equipment, snow/winter equipment and bedding into a 10 plastic draw unit.

I’ve taken down 7 out of 14 shelves so far – still a way to go!
I’ve donated 14 car journeys worth of stuff; clothing, toys, baby equipment; a complete dolls house, a wooden kitchen with food, £150’s worth of Brio train tracks and lots of craft items.

I’ve donated two single beds, one double bed with a mattress, a hoover, a baby changing table, a electric baby swing, a pram, a highchair, a trike, a corner sofa, a table top fridge, an IKEA desk. Lots of bric-a-brac.
I’ve donated cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap etc and also countless plastic boxes.

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