1/5/17 – Daily Blog – Bank holiday shopping

IKEA. The shop that everyone seems to love. I can see it’s appeal, good looking products for a fair price (generally) and a fully incorporated range. However the store is just too busy. Our local, the Birmingham store, gets so busy it causes traffic for miles around. The M6 at a total standstill, the majority of people queuing to get off at the Ikea juntion. This is when you see the attempted queue dodgers, people trying their luck by coasting down another motorway lane and trying to cut in last minute. It’s good to see people not relenting. Why should they not have to queue like the rest of us?

Bank holiday Monday. Not the best day to pick to turn up at this hellhole of traffic, furniture and meatballs. We ended up after about 3 hours, walking away with a door mat and some kind of paper roll dispenser for the kids. Ironically only one of these items are what we actually went to Ikea for in the first place. At least the traffic had abated by the time we left…

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