How we got into Minimalism is simple

When I first met the “other half”, I was a few months away from moving in with a new flat mate.  This was our first move together, although she didn’t move in at that time.

She helped me get rid of books, CDs, DVDs, games at first. We did several purges over the next 12 months and sold them online; we probably made £100 in total from books alone. I still buy the odd one or two books for flights, they’re currently under the bed collecting dust.

Next we did several “purges” of clothing to charity, which I just seem to accumulate every shop to a supermarket. The other half has done really well, she had a lot of clothes and a lot of bags and a lot of boxes.

I do still own a few CDs and games, but not DVDs. Everything is digital now which is a light load off having “stuff”. We use BBC iPlayer, ITV player, Channel 4OD, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV for TV shows, documentaries and movies. The kids enjoy it too. For music we use Spotify or YouTube for the kids. For books, we use iBooks on the iPad or iPhone and also Audio Books.

We are a long way from “Extreme Minimalism” and I don’t think that’s our goal, we just want to be able to live without spending most of our spare time cleaning and tidying.

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