Greedy People

So, we have decided to trade in about 9 kitchen appliances for a Thermomix and a few other appliances that do more than one thing.

  1. Microwave
  2. Glass Blender
  3. Food Processor
  4. Food Chopper / Grater
  5. Toaster
  6. Slow Cooker
  7. Steamer
  8. Waffle / Pancake Iron
  9. Coffee / Hot Chocolate Pod Machine

A Thermomix can do almost 5 out of 9 of those appliances, but it’s pretty pricey at £945.00.




However, we put these items on FreeCycle, Freegle and GumTree and are bombarded with messages such as

“When can I pick up all the items mate”

…No please, no thank you… Just the assumption that the item, in fact ALL the items – now belong to them. Why? Because they more than likely wanted to sell these items on; greed.

It’s now safe to say, these items were given out to those who DID say please and/or thank you in their messages and who only asked for one item or two because they needed the item… But only received one item each – a lot of people dropped out from the one item offer because it was too far for them to collect just the one item – why? Again, greed – it would cost them too much petrol to collect just the one item to sell. If you needed the item, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Some apparently needed the items because… They’ve been burgled and was left with nothing, some had suffered a house fire and lost everything or had escaped domestic violence or had just started their first home …But they wouldn’t accept a simple toaster – again, because of their greed – they weren’t interested in the item that was being allocated to them, they were interested how much money they could make from free stuff.

Some even admitted that they would use the items for a boot sale; now, people do make money from buying or collecting free stuff from the internet, however, we intended these items to go to people in need, not to pass off our crap to someone else to make ourselves feel better.

We had one person have the cheek to collect their item outside our door and then knock asking for more stuff – but they did not mention they were after more stuff in their emails – and to make it worse, try to force their way into our home.

And to top it off, we did not receive a “thank you” email from 9 out of 10 of these people who apparently NEEDED these items and blocked all emails from the nasty, greedy people so we won’t be hearing from them again!


The advice is, DO follow these simple rules when choosing who to gift it to – but NOT put anything like the following into your posts or messages about giving the items to certain people;

  1. “I’ll only donate to people who have manners like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you'”- because these people will start using their manners in order to get something for free from you or someone else in the future, when someone in actual need could have it instead. This is a good way of fishing through the emails to find someone who generally needs the item.
  2. “I’ll only donate to people who NEED the item” – because you will get lots and lots of people fabricating their lives in order for you to feel sorry for them and giving them the item. You will still get this from time to time and be mindful, why are they telling you this about themselves? It’s your decision at the end of the day, however, be cautious.
  3. “I’ll only donate to people who ask for one item” – because you will get the same person using fake accounts or their family members accounts to ask you for one different item per different account.
  4. “Do you have a pic?” – No – No you “do not have a pic, sorry” – Why… Because they want it for aesthetic reasons. Needy people DO NOT care what the item looks like, as long as you are being truthful about it’s age and condition. If people do not trust you on your word when communicating back and forth with them – then sorry – that is their loss!

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