Realistic Minimalism

Today we wrote a list of our eldest daughters belongings and it felt good to know she had less than a 100 things. She could be considered almost a hardcore or extreme Minimalist – if she was a Vegan (and a true Vegan; not using or wearing animal based products) and reducing her waste on the Earth – but that’s not practical for her at the moment as she’s too young to understand; you may argue that she’s not too young to understand – but she’s happy the way she is and we personally feel that WE would deprive her; it may be good for some families but not us – although we are trying our best to do our part.

She is probably the youngest “almost” hardcore Minimalist and it wasn’t by choice; she is only 5 year of age (nearly 6) and still learning about pretty much everything.

Now, you must take note before judging – we do a lot of activities and arts & crafts. We prefer experiences and memories over materialistic stuff/things you feel you need to own, so that’s why there aren’t many “toys”.

  1. Vs Horse Riding Bag
  2. Vs Horse Riding Hat
  3. Vs Horse Riding Body Protector
  4. Vs Horse Riding Trousers
  5. Vs Horse Riding Boots
  6. Vs Horse Riding Gloves
  7. Vs Trampolining Socks
    Some following below are also used in trampolining:
  8. Vs Ballet Bag
  9. Vs Ballet Leotard
  10. Vs Ballet Tights
  11. Vs Ballet Tutu
  12. Vs Ballet Shoes
  13. Vs Tracksuit Hoody
  14. Vs Tracksuit Bottoms
  15. Vs Swimming Costume
  16. Vs Swimming Armbands
  17. Vs Towel Poncho
  18. Vs Beach Bag
  19. Vs Sun Hat
  20. Vs Sunglasses
  21. Vs Jellies (OR Sandals, Flip Flops, Crocs)
  22. Vs Bunny Rabbit
  23. Vs BR’s PJ Onesie
  24. Vs BR’s Carrier
  25. Colouring Book
  26. Drawing & Writing Paper
  27. Pencils
  28. Pencil Case
  29. Vs Electric Ride On Car
  30. V shares with S; a trampoline, a slide and a see-saw
  31. Vs LeapPad with several educational games (for at home)
  32. Vs iPad (for long car journeys)
  33. Vs PC (for Minecraft and Roblox)
  34. Vs Purse (to play with)
  35. Vs Handbag (to play with)
  36. Vs Rucksack (carries her colouring book, paper and some pencils in a pencil case)
  37. Vs String Bag (for swimming)
  38. Vs Wheeled Bag (carries her toys clothes)
  39. Vs Snow Boots
  40. Vs Snowsuit
  41. Vs Snow Gloves
  42. Vs Hat
  43. Vs Gloves
  44. Vs Scarf
  45. Vs Umbrella
  46. Vs Wellies
  47. Vs Raincoat
  48. Vs Flannel
  49. Vs Flannel
  50. Vs Hand Towel
  51. Vs Bath Towel
  52. Vs Bath Sheet
  53. Vs Dressing Gown
  54. Vs Slippers
  55. Vs PJs
  56. Vs PJs
  57. Vs PJs
  58. Vs Bed
  59. Vs Mattress
  60. Vs Pillow
  61. Vs Spare Pillow
  62. Vs Duvet
  63. Vs Spare Duvet
  64. Vs Duvet Cover
  65. Vs Spare Duvet Cover
  66. Vs Pillow Cases
  67. Vs Spare Pillow Cases
  68. Vs Bed Sheet
  69. Vs Spare Bed Sheet
  70. Vs Electric Blanket
  71. Vs Hot Water Bottle

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