The Problem with Minimalist Thinking

There are and aren’t problems with the way Minimalists think…

First, a Minimalist will think “Do I really need this item?” – which isn’t the problem.

However, when donating their own items – out of good will – because they don’t need or want it anymore – they are actually passing their crap, whether or not it’s in good or non-working condition on to another person.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

…Really? When you could be fuelling someone’s hoarding obsession…? Especially if it doesn’t work and you lie to have the item taken by someone who generally needed the item. Yes, this really happens apparently!

Or the fact that the Minimalist is passing on their crap to someone else to make themselves feel better – “Be grateful someone is taking the item out of your hands” was the general response I received when I blogged about Greedy People on free stuff websites.

Now, I could understand if these items were not working or damaged etc – yes I would be grateful I didn’t have to take it to the dump – but they weren’t, they were well looked after items and the intention of good will was being exploited and abused.

As Minimalists of all stages – whether you are a hardcore extremist or doing it for the trend, you should be spreading the word about Minimalism and not just pawning your crap off to others to make yourself feel better, be more concerned about others to make the world a better place – if you do not to do this, no one will.



Secondly, a Minimalist thinks “I wouldn’t accept an item into my house if I hadn’t seen a picture first, why would I travel all that way to pick up an item I’ve not seen?”

A question to think about as a Minimalist who is buying or accepting free items from others; “Do I really need this item?”

Although these Minimalists have a point about the travelling to pick up a free item that they’ve not seen the item in a photograph; it costs petrol or transport money, fair enough… But you are mostly being materialistic and concerned with aesthetics, if the item works, who cares what it looks like as long as it does it’s purpose and you actually need the item!

However, despite there yes, being shady people who want you to pick up their damaged and non-working crap so they don’t have to deal with disposing that – you have to trust that there are good people out there who are willing to help those who are in need.


Thirdly, “Just because they’re poor doesn’t mean they have to accept anything without seeing a pic first”

Again, if you’re a Minimalist – why are you buying or accepting free items from others; Do you really need those items?

However, I’m on the fence with this one because I do agree with what you are trying to say, but then again… “Beggars, can’t be choosers” – If they really needed this item they would accept it (or decline as no one is forcing them to take the items) and make do – or is that only a British thing and/or developing country thing?

Usually you are grateful for anything you receive for free, but we as a society seem to have forgotten that.


And last but not least… “Maybe these people are Minimalists too and want to know if the item(s) fit into their homes and lives” …Er, I very, very much doubt that if they’re asking for every single item you have!

Or “Don’t be so petty, maybe they needed the money”, maybe they did, maybe they didn’t however here in the UK we have plenty of charities and organisations to help people, however, most do not want to be helped because it means them having to get up off their backsides and do things for themselves.


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