Minimalism & Cleaning…

It’s a well known fact in Minimalism that if you have less stuff, there’s less “stuff” to clean.

However, you still need to…

  1. Clean windows inside and outside
  2. Wipe down window sills and sashes
  3. Dust any blinds you may have
  4. Wash any curtains and/or net curtains you may have
  5. Clean mirrors
  6. Dust photo frames
  7. Dust walls for cobwebs and dust
  8. Dust ceilings for cobwebs and dust
  9. Dust skirting boards
  10. Dust ceiling lights, wall lights and/or light stands
  11. Dust and polish any wooden furniture
  12. Sweep, mop and/or hoover floors
  13. Empty bins, clean and reline them
  14. De-clutter, organise and/or straight up shelves, sides, cupboards and drawers
  15. Make beds and/or strip beds
  16. Laundry
  17. Hang clothes to dry
  18. Do the dishes
  19. Clear out fridge
  20. Taking out the recycling and general rubbish
  21. De-clutter, organise and/or straight up cellars, lofts, garages, sheds, gardens, hallways, kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms

…That’s still a whole days worth of cleaning, tidying and organising if you live alone; half a day if you rush it.  I have known some people to tackle one room a day on rotation every week… If you can be bothered after a day at work!

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