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Knowing When To Keep Your Mouth Shut…

Okay… So these landlords made the assumption (which we are all guilty of) that because the tenants were receiving Housing Benefit, the tenants were automatically not working.

Just so we are clear; you can receive Housing Benefit while working, it depends on your income i.e. whether or not you can afford to cover your rent.

It wasn’t a very good start for them both as Sharon admitted they spent “a grand a week” on living expenses. She then tried to cover up by pretending to be embarrassed. But Paul put his foot in it by saying “That’s 50 grand a year” and then went on to say “Surely people are earning 50k a year by now” …

Paul is very over-opinionated and talks over people, neither of them had any idea of the tenant’s medical history, nor the fact that the father has gone back into work, despite against medical advice and then Paul decides to step in and trump his card of also having a bad back and apparently knows of the pain … But he obviously has no idea how much pain the tenant was in!


Devout Christians …My Arse!

Meet Samuel and his girlfriend, whom he shares a bed with. It wasn’t their occupation that made me judge these two, it’s their attitude and greedy behaviour during the week.

I did feel sorry for the tenant Maria, however when you are attending University, you cannot claim Housing Benefit but you can use your student loan to cover your rent. Where did the student loan go? What was it spent on??

You could tell Maria was hiding something when we was in the Café meeting Samuel by her body language when she said “It will eventually get sorted”.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Maria moved out of the house within 3 months of filming and owes 6 months rent to Samuel because her Housing Benefit was “rejected”.